Under Stair Custom Storage Solution

After initial consultation with the Customer the design displayed was chosen and work began.

Garage to Workshop conversion.

Iroko panels surrounded by an Oak frame

The Story Telling Chair

This chair was commissioned by a local school, the teacher and pupil sit side by side so the teacher can assist and support the pupil, a brilliant idea. As its destined to be placed outside it is made without any screws or nails, just Oak dowel and glue

An extra room in the Garden

Solid Oak Dovetail’d cabinets

I had to build something spectacular for my Bourbon and Cognac collection. I made the doors with Oak frames surrounding a birds eye maple panel, simply stunning.

Utile and Maple Hardwood Music Stand

I made this Music stand for a look Music Teacher, she had a lot of old dark wood furniture in her music room so I wanted to pick up on that but also to bring a modern element to it with the Maple.

Beech Serving Tray

We were out shopping one day and my wife reached for a serving tray saying ‘we could do with a couple of these’. ‘I’m not paying that’ says I, I’ll make them’, and here they are, a little over the top but quite beautiful I think.

Travel Case for an Airsoft Rifle

The brief was to create a low cost protective case that would live in the back of a van and hold the Airsoft Rifle. I added the hardwood banding and facia just to ad a little pizazz

Utile End Grain Chopping Board with Maple Eagles Head Inlay

The Inlay is actually solid Maple Hardwood, absolutely stunning.