Project Gallery

Travel case for an Air soft rifle.

The brief was to create a low cost protective case that would live in the back of a van and hold the Airsoft Rifle. I added the hardwood banding and facia just to ad a little pizazz.

Link to the ‘making of’ video.

Beech Serving Tray

We were out shopping one day and my wife reached for a serving tray saying ‘we could do with a couple of these’. ‘I’m not paying that’ says I, I’ll make them’, and here they are, a little over the top but quite beautiful I think.

Solid Oak Cabinets

These cabinets were made specifically to hold my Bourbon collection. I wanted something as special as the bourbon so I used solid Oak for the cabinets, with veneered bird’s eye maple panels in oak frames for the doors. As I said, quite special.

Making of a Brick Pattern Chopping Board