Parallel Clamps

Rutlands 600mm x 95mm Pack of 4:

Wellcut 600mm x 95mm Clamps single:

Bessey KRE60-2K Body Clamp:

Pipe Clamps

Bessey BPC-H34 Pipe Clamping Set, Black/Red:

Bessey BPC-H12 Pipe Clamping Set, Black/Red:

Bench Top Clamps

Kreg KBC6 Wood Project Clamp, 6″:

Kreg KBC3 Wood Project Clamp, 3″:

Kreg KKS1020 Klamp Trak:

Bessey EZM Single Lever Clamp Set 4 Piece:

Axminster Ratchet Hold down Clamp:

Aluminum Alloy Woodworking MFT Table Hold Down Clamp:

Quick clamps / One Handed Clamps

IRWIN QUICK-GRIP 600mm Medium-Duty Bar Clamp/Spreader, Blue:

IRWIN Quick-Grip Mini Clamp 300mm, Pack of 2:

IRWIN QUICK-GRIP 150mm Mini Clamp, Pack of 2:

Axminster 25mm Heavy Duty Spring Clamp:

Axminster 50mm Heavy Duty Spring Clamp:

Axminster 75mm Heavy Duty Spring Clamp:

Clamping Accessories

Woodpeckers Clamping Squares PLUS – Pair:

Drillpro 2 Set Woodworking Precision Clamping Square L-Shaped: