I started my ‘Wood Working career’ back in 1985, cladding the internal walls of a room in the house with 1/2″ T&G which was all the rage back then, some friends saw my work and asked me to do some for them…….

Wall cladding lead to shelving, doors on alcoves which naturally lead to custom fitted wardrobes, mostly with louvre panel doors. A huge range of requests came after that, a range of Sun Loungers and outdoor picnic tables for a local hotel, replacement sash windows for a small hostel after some bad storms and even a set of huge doors for a bus garage, 12ft sq, they posed a few problems in a small workshop.

After a long spell away from making for others but keeping my hand in with projects around the house I’ve come full circle back to my first real love of working with wood.

I’e also taken the massive step of videoing some of the projects I get involved with and posting them up on YouTube. I’ve got to say that photography and video skills don’t come easy to me, which I’m afraid is blatantly obvious so if you do decide to watch any, bear that in mind. 😉

I’ll be adding to the gallery page as often as I can, if you see something you like then please contact me.

Thank you for visiting.